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Current Account

Current Account is mainly for businessmen, firms, companies, and public enterprises etc. which do numerous daily banking transactions. In a CD A/c the account holder can deposit or withdraw money as many times, limiting to the availability of amount in his account. It is zero-interest based deposit, which means the amount in the CD a/c will not get any interest. It is meant only for the convenience of money transactions.

Minimum Balance
₹ 3000/-
Rate of Interest
No interest payable

An Individual singly or jointly, Sole proprietary business concern ,Partnership or joint stock Company, HUF firms, Limited Companies, Trusts, Association, Local Bodies, Societies, Executors and Administrators, Govt./Semi Govt. Undertakings, Agents on behalf of principal etc. can open the account under the scheme with a prescribed minimum balance.

How to open an account
Download or obtain Account Opening Form from the nearest branch, fill it up properly and deposit the same with the branch of your choice along with the following:-

• Furnish proof of Photo identity Card/ID Card of any accredited institution/PAN Card/the letter issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI)containing details of Name, address and Aadhar number.
• Furnish proof of Residence in the form of a copy of Ration Card/Passport/Driving License/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Identity Card issued by any reputed institution. (Originals be shown only at the time of scrutiny of papers/Business address).
• Furnish PAN or declaration of FORM NO. 60/61 as the case may be.
• Furnish 2 Photographs of all the prospective account holder
• Introduction about you from a person known to the bank preferably by an Account Holder of the Branch, whose account has run satisfactorily at least for the past six months.
• Furnish undertakings/ documents/ declarations as applicable. Please refer Current Account opening form for details

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