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Branches Timing: 10 Am to 5 Pm

Operation Department

The Department of Banking Operations &Development deals with the responsibility of regulation under the regulatoryprovisions contained in the B.R. Act, 1949 and RBI Act, 1934 .Its functionsbroadly relate to prescription of regulations for compliance with variousprovisions of Banking Regulation Act on establishment of banks such aslicensing, branch expansion, maintenance of statutory liquidity, management andoperations, amalgamation, reconstruction and liquidation of banking companiesand issue of guidelines on Prudential Norms relating to Capital Adequacy,investments and loans.

Responsibilities in brief

  • The various divisions of the Department and itsmajor functions are briefly mentioned below: Anti-money Laundering Division (i)Study of International Best Practices and Codes on Anti - Money Laundering(AML) (ii) Reviewing of guidelines issued to banks on 'Know Your Customer'(KYC) / AntiMoney Laundering (AML) / (iii) Formulation of policy and issue ofprudential guidelines pertaining to Capital adequacy, Income recognition, assetclassification and provisioning pertaining to advances portfolio;Classification, valuation and operation of investment portfolio and Creditexposure limits; Policy on securitization of Assets and Sale-Purchase of NPAs toBanks/Financial Institutions/ SCs / RCs; Policy on Restructuring of advancesincluding Corporate Debt Restructuring. Also this Division Deals with returnssubmitted by banks relating to maintenance of CRR and SLR as required under RBIAct, 1934 and B.R Act, 1949.